KMSAuto Net is a program designed to activate Microsoft products such as Windows operating systems (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, as well as their server versions) and Office suites (2010, 2013, 2016).

This program is based on the principles of activation used in the OS of corporate networks. When you activate your operating system with KMSAuto Net, you do not need to have an active Internet connection. There is also no need to make any phone calls.

Understanding KMS Auto Net Activator

In its strict sense, Microsoft’s Key Management Server is a software solution facility, under Microsoft Volume Activation 2.0, which allows end-users to update and activate any licensed Microsoft product. KMS Auto Net is a reliable free source service developed by Microsoft itself.

This software is an effective tool used in most large companies working primarily through computers that are linked via interconnected networks.
Gone are the day when prior to KMS Auto Net Activator, users will have to individually and regularly update and activate Microsoft product in each computer using a more tedious process. Not only is this process time-consuming, but a waste of manpower. However, with KMS Auto Net Activator, computers linked via a network can now be automatically activated using a simplified procedure.

This automated process between computers provides a period of 180 days activation which is renewed every week for continuous application. However, once KMS activated client fails to verify its activation with the KMS after the said 180 days, the program will then become unlicensed.

Such is the safeguard to discourage hackers and pirates from illegally duplicating authenticated Microsoft applications. Hence, in conventional circumstance, there should be no problem between the KMS activated client and the KMS internal server.

Special Features of KMS Auto Net

Aside from the function, KMSAuto is built upon, it also carries various features designed to improve and uplift the user’s experience.
Here are some of its special features:

  1. Simple and user-friendly – KMSAuto Net Activator does not require its users to be technology experts. Its interface is very simple to be configured and maintained. It also has a quick and easy installation process which anyone with some simple basic knowledge of computers can definitely do.
  2. Secured and reliable – Among other software for activation, KMSAuto is the most secured application ensuring success in most software. Its activation prowess over software lasts a lifetime.
  3. Repair and Optimize – It can also fix the operating system by updating all the expired activation keys. This will ultimately optimize and boost the performance of one’s computer and network.
  4. Indeed, not only KMSAuto Net Activator is free and legal, but it also safe and reliable.


  1. Auto – automatic mode that works without active user participation;
  2. Hook – activation by replacing the original Windows or Office system files with the activated ones;
  3. WinDivert – the professional activation mode with the use of temporary drivers emulate a KMS server;
  4. NoAuto-fully manual mode (for advanced users).
  5. TAP activation using a network TAP adapter.

How to use KMSAuto Net

The main function of the utility KMSAuto Net is the ability to activate the main Microsoft software in particular, Windows and Office. To activate, follow these steps (step by step):

  1. Download KMSAuto.
  2. Run the KMSAutoNet file.exe (may require administrator rights).
  3. After that, you will see additional options that appear in the main window of the utility; depending on the need, click on the “Activate Windows” or ” Activate Office”.

Wait until the product activation is complete (at the bottom of the window appears ” Product successfully activated”). if you need to activate for another product (Windows or Office), repeat this procedure by clicking the corresponding button in the main window.

KMSAuto Net is the most optimal Microsoft software activator. Working with this application will not cause difficulties even for beginners, and for professionals, it has special features with fine-tuning.

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